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Founders Story

Building the future...

Welcome to our Founders' Story page, where we share the captivating journey of how Playful Pineapple was born. Where art, expertise, and a shared love for exploration and freedom merge to form an unforgettable adult playground.

Welcome to Playful Pineapple! We're Mr and Mrs Play, the fun-loving couple behind this exciting new swinging website.

With a combined experience of sixteen incredible years in the swinging lifestyle, we can't wait to share our journey so far and the fantastic improvements we're making to enhance your swinging experience.

Our adventure began when our paths converged, bringing together Mr Play's expertise from years of organising and running adult sex parties, and Mrs Play's vision to create a more attractive and empowering space for women in the swinging community. 

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Our goal is simple: to create an adult playground where couples and singles can connect, explore, and have an amazing time together. We want to ditch the seedy reputation and create a fun, inviting space where everyone can feel comfortable and empowered to express their desires. We are continuously listening to the needs and feedback of our community, evolving and improving the platform based on real-life experiences and desires. 

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Join us on this incredible adventure as we make Playful Pineapple the ultimate adult playground for open-minded singles and couples. Together, let's create unforgettable experiences and celebrate the beauty of human desire. Get ready to swing into a world of pleasure, connection, and excitement at Playful Pineapple!

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Mr & Mrs Play

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Playful Pineapple logo

We recognise that existing swinging websites and apps fall short of capturing the essence of sensuality and respectability that the swinging community deserves. After nine years of using the current sites we all use, we know what is needed and wanted by the community. Features that bring us into the 21st century and ease of use are our main objectives alongside making the visual experience a pleasant one. Driven by our shared love for freedom, exploration, and a deep understanding of the swinging community, we have embarked on a joint effort to build a premier swinging website that reflects our shared vision. 

Mr Play's artistic talents and background in graphic design breathes life into Playful Pineapple. His visually captivating designs carefully curates an atmosphere that celebrates the beauty and allure of the swinging lifestyle. From enticing visuals to an intuitive interface, every element is thoughtfully crafted to create an immersive and enjoyable experience for our members. 

Meanwhile, Mrs Play's expertise as a visionary project manager in software development ensures a structured and organised approach to building Playful Pineapple. She has a clear vision of making the platform attractive and empowering for women, allowing them to confidently share their sexy and seductive photos without feeling objectified. We believe that when women feel celebrated and in control, it enhances the experience for everyone involved. 

Playful Pineapple is not just another swinging website; it's the culmination of our passion, knowledge, and first-hand experiences within the swinging community. 

Playful Pineapple woman arched over the corner of a block with coloured light shining onto her nude body
Playful Pineapple logo

Our commitment is to create an environment where everyone feels empowered, respected, and excited to explore the swinging lifestyle. So, come immerse yourself in the adventure of Playful Pineapple! Connect with like-minded individuals, explore your deepest desires, and create lifelong memories. Let's celebrate the joy of non-monogamy, embrace open relationships, and experience the magic of the Adult Playground. 

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