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From Housewife to Hotwife

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

From the outside in, we appear to be a very stereotypical husband and wife couple. We are in our early 30’s, married for 5 years but together since our late teenage years. Life for us had pretty much always been what we now term ‘vanilla’.

man standing behind woman while holding her with a red light shining on them

When we first got together, as any couple do, we had an extremely eventful sex life. My now wife, Storm was a little wild in the bedroom department, where I was lacking a little through inexperience, to add, Storm is 2 years older than me too. When I first met Storm, she was already seeing a guy in what wasn’t really any more than a ‘friends with benefits’ type thing. In the months prior to us meeting each other Storm had enjoyed a good few months of ‘freedom’ from her prior long term relationship.

After only weeks me and Storm moved in together and as I look back now, I can attribute 2 instances that may have fed my fantasy of seeing Storm with another man. The first was when we were having sex, I remember it vividly. Storm got up to move around the bed and said to me ‘I’d love you to watch me get f**ked’. At the time I recall thinking wow that would actually be hot but the primary feeling of jealousy overrode that. I said nothing more of it and Storm never mentioned it again, maybe my initial silence showed her I didn’t feel it.

Later that week I was clearing out a cupboard and stumbled upon an old video recorder. Curious, I found some batteries and took a look, there was the usual family type stuff on there and a few videos of Storm having a laugh with friends but the final clip I come across really kicked something off for me. It was a short video of Storm bent over being f**ked really hard by a very long c*ck. I was met with a mixture of emotions from jealousy, confusion and oddly an erection. For a long time I didn’t mention my knowledge of this video and I will admit to watching it back a good few times over the coming months, with it becoming more and more of a turn on.

Fast forward a few years I often found myself thinking back to the video, the thought and mental imagine of seeing my Storm being pleasured, hearing her moans and knowing she had felt a larger guy was now a pure turn on. Our relationship had developed to the point where we now had our own family, we were both committed and falling into the ‘vanilla’ lifestyle we would come to know for many more years.

We always enjoyed an incredible sex life together, sometimes while we would be playing I would picture that video, yet I had not the courage to mention it to her. About 6/7 years ago now I accidentally let it slip during play time that I would love to see her with another guy, in a state of pure arousal it just came out, she didn’t bat an eyelid but simply said would you really… I then decided to tell her about the video. She was shocked as she couldn’t recall it being filmed or who even it was she was having sex with. I think she was more embarrassed that I had seen it, judging by her reaction. She wouldn’t mention either of the things I said again until I next brought it up.

I remember texting her one day and saying I really would love to see you with a bigger guy, to which she replied saying we should get a dildo and do some role play type stuff. Storm to my surprise chose a dildo and when I saw it, wow. It was a 9” realistic looking c*ck that I thought would never in a million years go inside her. When night time came we didn’t hesitate to give it a go. It took some time to get going but the orgasm I witnessed her having with this big toy was really something to be seen. We didn’t do much in terms of role play that night but as the weeks passed we started to do positions where we could imagine the dildo was another guy.

We carried on this way for quite a while, every time I mentioned getting another guy involved for real I was met with the whole, oh you are serious type response. Looking back now I understand why she didn’t want to go ahead with talking about it more, we had a young family, a business and we were just not at the right stage in our relationship.

Some years pass and we still toyed with the fantasy of another guy but that’s all it was, a fantasy. One day I had to travel up north on a long drive, Mrs was at home alone and out the blue I decided to text her and say how much I really would love to see her with a bigger guy (at this point I had not let on that the video I saw years before was her with what seemed to be a very large guy). I said to her 'think how much you’d enjoy a real one', considering how good she comes with a large dildo. A good few minutes passed before she replied and I thought maybe I over stepped the mark but when that reply came through, my heart skipped a beat or two. The reply read ‘I don’t have to imagine I know’.

Adrenaline coursed through my entire body and my heart was racing, I remember my whole body shaking as I looked for somewhere to pull over. Luck would have it I was right by a service station. I replied with a one worded message ‘what’ her reply said ‘I know how good a big cock feels’ that was it, I was rock hard in an instant and I had to know more. I asked if she was being serious to which she replied ‘well actually I’ve had 2 big cocks’ she went on to explain that it was her first two boyfriends, the longer-term guy she had been with before me.

Her first boyfriend she said was as long as her second boyfriend but a lot thicker. Her second boyfriend was the guy she was with before me and her FWB. I asked her if she knew how big they were to which she told me about one time with her second boyfriend she was messing around and they actually measured it, a whopping 9 inches! I couldn’t believe it! I was so horny at this time, not a single part of me felt jealous or annoyed at my newly acquired knowledge; it just made me feel like I had missed out on seeing such a sight.

Storm is only a little thing; she comes in around 5’4” and is very petite. I couldn’t imagine how she could have handled such a size so I asked if she ever struggled with their size to which she said not that she can remember (I’ll cover more on this in a later blog). Storm told me how she just thought that’s what all cock’s were like, I mean she didn’t know any different, if she had ever watched porn they were all the same sort of size and up until her little bender she kept that thought. She told me it was when she had a few months of exploring herself she realised in fact that not all cocks are that ‘big’.

Throughout the day we spoke more and more about her past partners, she in fact told me about her FWB who she said pleased her the most and who she really enjoyed playing with.

With her new found honesty and my increased levels of arousal I asked Storm if there was a remote chance she would want to fuck her old FWB again. She replied instantly asking if I was being serious, in fact she quizzed me on my authenticity with it a few times before she said OK. Unfortunately that avenue lead to nowhere but what had began was Storms desire to take my fantasy and now hers a little more seriously. Later that night when I got home we had the, THE wildest sex we had in years. She whispered things to me that drove me wild and boy I really felt like some kind of switch had been flicked. We carried on for days like a pair of love struck teenagers again, it was a fantastic feeling.

Taking our fantasy seriously

With Storm drawing a blank from a few days of trying to find her old FWB I decided to have a look around to see if there was a forum or such for like-minded people. In this initial search I realised just how much more common place this fantasy was and it had a name, Hotwifing! Meaning a married woman who has sexual relationships with other guys with her husband’s consent, often with the husband watching as the act takes place!

Along with the searching I found a website aimed at swingers, it looked like the perfect place designed for like-minded men, women and couples to discover new ‘friends’. Mrs was at first a little sceptical about it but to my pleasure she told me later that day she would give it a shot. She created her profile and actually became really excited about the whole prospect. She was an instant hit, I wasn’t surprised in my unbiased eyes she is a very attractive girl and clearly others were keen to get talking to her.

She was flooded with messages, so much so she started to find it a little overwhelming and it got to the point she didn’t know where to begin. This is where I came into it, I would look through the messages and take a browse at the profiles of the senders, pointing out to Storm anyone that I thought she would like. Only one guy from the sea of messages stood out for the both of us. Mrs, who at the time was just into her 30’s wasn’t 100% sure on this guy as he was a little younger than her, in fact he was my age but for some reason while it wasn’t an issue when we met, she had a little hang up on the fact with this guy.

Regardless she gave it a shot and before long the messages started flowing. They really hit it off, so much so they swapped numbers and the flirting was off the scale. I loved seeing this from her, I would sit across the room and she would be on her phone smiling like no tomorrow, this was a constant for a good few days. This is where a few issues came to light.

With us both being incredibly new to this and never sitting down and setting boundaries I found that the tone of messages was a little too ‘lovey’ it read like messages from a boyfriend / girlfriend. This led to us having a good chat about what we both expected and what the boundaries would be. Even to this day as we are now, we still learn new things, the whole thing is a learning curve the key to its success is communication.

Back to Storm and her ‘new boyfriend’ as we would call him, Storm was incredible in the bedroom with me, I mean next level incredible. She always knew what she liked and knew exactly how to make me feel insane. This however was with a few caveats, her confidence was never 100% in fact after having children she had zero body confidence, despite my words she always used to say, ‘you will say that you’re my husband’. She also comes across extremely shy to anyone she doesn’t know.

This always came across my mind as being an issue should she ever want to go through with trying to find another guy etc but my worries, for now at least were just wasted energy. Storm would send me the odd screenshot of her conversations with her ‘New BF” and the most striking thing was how confident she came across. She had even sent him pictures, explicit pictures at that, something I had never been able to get her to send me.

Seeing my wife, the woman I love, the girl I had spent all my adult life with talking about doing naughty things to this guy, things she had only done with me over the last 15 years was just incredible. We both lived in a state of arousal 24/7, something neither of us had ever experienced. The sex we had over the course of the week was just mind blowing. Storm had even mentioned that she was serious about wanting to see this guy. One of our boundaries was that I would never suggest or push for her to meet anyone, it had to come from her if she felt it was right.

One night I was sat on my computer working when she called me over to the be, she sheepishly told me that her guy was free and had nothing planned. Looking at me with those beautiful blue eyes she looked both excited and scared. I said to her 'what do you want to do about that?' to which she said she wanted to go and meet him. Once again my body was overcome with pure adrenaline. I said 'go for it!' She said 'okay' laughing nervously, but then came the nerves. She instantly said 'oh no I can’t'. She used every excuse going, to not go through with it, I decided to say 'if this feels like the right time you should go for it. Just arrange to see him outside ours so I know you’re safe and if you need me I’m right there, now is the time for us both to be brave'. She smiled with her whole face and said OK.

As a way to confront her nerves Storm said she will only go to say hello and nothing will happen which for me is great, if she can actually take this first step and just go and meet a guy she’s spent the last few days being super flirty with I thought it’s a step in the right direction. She would either love it or hate it so it was quite a decisive moment for us both.

He only lived 30 minutes away from us and as soon as she had sent our address she jumped up to get ready. I will add this all happened around midnight on a weekday, she gets out of bed and starts to put on her make up etc. Those 30 minutes felt like hours, we both waited in our kitchen, looking out ready to see car lights passing.

Storm was giddy with excitement but I could also tell she was nervous. I told her how amazing she is and that if she needed anything or wanted to back out, she only had to say. No later had I finished that sentence a car pulled up, she kissed me quickly and almost ran out the door.

This was it; my beautiful innocent wife has just gone out to meet a guy only hours before she was sending explicit pictures of herself to him. I went back upstairs and thought I will carry on with my work in an effort to calm my nerves, this did not work. I found myself pacing around and wondering what was happening. 30 minutes or so later I hear Storm come back though the door. I rushed down to meet her and she was beyond happy, she was so excitable she kissed me right away and before any words were said we went and got into bed.

As we are stripping each others clothes off I ask how it went, she said it was amazing and that they had shared a long passionate kiss. I asked if anything else happened but she said no he was really respectful of the fact she was new to this sort of thing and they spent most the time chatting and having a giggle. We had some of the most passionate, lust filled sex ever that night.

Neither of us slept that night, we ended up having sex 3 times! It was a night to remember, though it did not prepare us for what was to come the coming Friday, an evening that would truly cement Storms journey into becoming a Hotwife.

My reliving of this moment continues in the next blog, make sure not to miss it exclusively on

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